Sunday, 4 September 2011

Rewards and credits

And so we come to the end of Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope. The villains are vanquished and heroes rewarded.

Time for me to thank all the makers of the videos that have been used  to illustrate this narrative.

Lesson one where are the plans for the death star?

Pic of Darth Vader- Photo credit Me, figure by Lego. (purists may note the blue blade instead of red... Sorry!)


Photo of Stormtrooper over compensating by me. ( you have to admit, that's a big gun)

How to avoid being sold to jawas

Thanks to College humour, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

I have also used the College Humour series troopers even though it bears no resemblance to Star Wars whatsoever...

From the vastness of you tube I would ask you to thank the following people for their contributions by giving them thumbs up if you enjoyed the clip or subscribing to their channels.

 swthirty  cnscollon  hateablate  innsaane   HamillianActor  tokyostormtrooper (You have the groove!)

Littledude514  ElevatorShow   Hanszuper  stevenselectrical Niusereset   OneMinuteGalactica

lockergnome  Bubo25 The extremely talented PatrickBoivin startanica   AlNickelsFilms

Thanks for your time... I will be taking a break then looking at Empire Strikes Back.

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