Saturday, 20 August 2011

Welcome to Yavin 4

You know, I don't recall the end coming so quickly in 1977 but we are nearly there. The climactic battle between good and evil awaits.

The rebel base has been located courtesy of a well placed tracking device and a pre-arranged escape. (So why did all those Troopers have to die?) The rebels have barely time to brief the attack force before sending them off to destroy the dreaded Death Star..

I love the fact that in the Galaxy far, far away, there are no issues with file compatibility or connection standards. You can chuck data on anything, anywhere, anytime and it just works. Bothan spies obtain the plans, they are then copied to a droid that is ejected from a spaceship, lost in the desert wastes, bushwacked by Jawas, sold to moisture farmers, captured, freed, shot at and there you go, plans that can be easily read and a analysed. 

It makes us look so primitive doesn't it? I can't even imagine such a thing being available in my lifetime.

Why is this? More importantly, why do we accept and put up with it?

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