Sunday, 28 August 2011

Question? Where did Grand Moff Tarkin spend his holiday?

Answer - All over Yavin 4

Winston Churchill is attributed with saying "History is written by the victors". Perhaps if the historians took both sides point of view into account, history might not repeat itself so often.

But then is any record ever truly unbiased? Is it even possible to capture all the facets of a transaction? If we managed to, could we cope with all that information? Sometimes it's easier to remove the unsuccessful tenders and cancelled project files than to hang on to them.

For records management we are often quick to label material as redundant in an effort to maintain control over ever growing collections of material. Our ancestors were no different and thanks to the patient work of archaeologist, we have a picture of the life and times of our ancestors based on what they threw away.

What will an archaeologist look like in 300 years? Will they be a virtual archaeologist piecing together random bytes of code to produce a Wordperfect document. Will there be a need to do so?

Long term retention of digital artifacts seems to revolve around transitions to open standards or recreating original environments through virtualisation. Both have advantages and caveats.

My only concern is, can what we keep or throw away change the future?

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