Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Getaway - Unless you are Old Ben

This weeks exiting episode brought to you by the makers of Mandalorian Beer!

Fear not... I haven't sold out to crass commercialism. Nor have I forgotten my responsibility to discuss the works of George Lucas in relation to Knowledge Management

So lets talk about escaping. Not just Death Stars but other things, like responsibilities for example.

Star Wars is all about responsibilities, taking personal responsibility and being responsible and reliable. Darth Vader has his responsibilities to the Emperor and eventually to Luke once he works out the whole thing about fatherhood, Leia must ensure the rebellion survives at all costs. Han eventually realises the value of friendship over money. Ben has the burden of honouring the Jedi and Luke stops being a brat.

Let's not forget Chewie... I guess he has the responsibilities typical of the first mate on any ship. To keep it flying. Our robot companions have whatever responsibilities their programming tells to have.  

What about us?

We are all responsible for ensuring that knowledge is passed on to the next generation. You duck that particular responsibility at your own peril.

Sometimes responsibilities make life hard. Ben is about to demonstrate how hard.

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