Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hiding in plain sight

Think about the last time you lost something, only to find it exactly where you left it but not where it belonged. Frustrating isn't it? Not to mention the family and friends you annoy while looking for it...

You may also probably recall the last time you hid something from someone. A present or other surprise party perhaps?  I'm certain there was a moment of fear when you were nearly discovered.

Concealment is a recurring theme in the Star Wars Saga. Luke is hidden from his father on Tatooine, along with Obi Wan Kenobi. The plans for the Death Star are hidden in R2-D2 and then we come to this week's scene when the Millennium Falcon is dragged aboard the Death Star with it's crew concealed, Trojan Horse style...

Losing track of or deliberately hiding business records has serious consequences. It is a pre-requisite for corruption or fraud. It can be costly when evidence cannot be presented in court, regardless of how that situation came to be.

You can't lose a fish in bathtub but if there are a thousand fingerlings in that bathtub, it gets more challenging to keep track of individuals. So long as they are in the bucket it is a lot more likely they won't go missing.

Compared to fingerlings, documents have unique characteristics that can be more readily searched. In a well set up records system, they are much more easily managed.  

Luke, Han and old Ben are about to cause some trouble. Don't let missing records do that to you!

Great escape time...

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