Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Getaway

Okay, this time the actual scene from last week will be played in its entirety. No parodies... Promise.

So picking up where we left off... Searching...

Just how easy was it for Han to find the cell block containing our princess? A little too easy if you ask me. Now I can't see a screen showing the names of each cell inhabitant, can you? So just how did he do it so quickly? No doubt, we are witnessing some Hollywood magic here. Or perhaps it was just a really badly designed information system.

If I was to design a prisoner management system it would not use names at the sharp end. I would separate the name and location of captives so nobody had all the details at once. The prisoner gets a number and that is how the guards refer to them. The guards also know where the prisoner is kept  The administrators know the name and number but cannot access details on the location. Each group knows enough to manage the prisoner and no more. This is something that can be handy for managing confidential information but there are design limitations.

Speaking of which, don't get me started on the design of Death Stars, especially the garbage disposal being accessible from the cell area... Obviously, the designer had never watched an escape movie.

We will talk more about garbage and recycling next time.

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