Sunday, 12 June 2011

Two tickets to Alderaan please... And no questions asked.

People Smuggling.

It's topical at the moment. There is no doubt that people who take advantage of those desperate enough to do anything to escape their situation, are reprehensible.

So why is it we do not apply the same judgement on Han Solo? Here is someone who demonstrates no redeemable qualities whatsoever. He strikes a deal with Obi Wan and Luke, then kills Greedo and yet we adopt him as a lovable rogue.

We have this evidence that here is someone we should not trust but we do...

In records and information management, we deal with the capture of evidence that is intended to be used to make better business decisions. So who would hire Han Solo based on the facts contained in his employment history?

Should data override gut feel? That is what we are talking about here after all. I have seen people hired based on impressive documentation, who turned out to be duds. A good CV is not evidence of character, nor should it ever be.

Fortunately, Solo turns out to be a rough diamond after all but spare a thought the next time you evaluate based on the record. There may be more to consider than just the facts.

I wonder what would have happened if Obi Wan had spoken to Greedo about Han first? Or had stuck around to see Han get busy with his blaster?

Finally, we are leaving the Cantina and Tatooine and heading to Alderaan. It promises to be a blast.

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