Sunday, 8 May 2011

The severing of hands

"Just when I thought I had my problems on the run, they regrouped and are now making a counter attack".  
 Written on a novelty postcard that I bought in Dandenong in the mid 80's

I was raised to understand that life is hard and that regardless of what is being thrown, keep moving forward or occasionally sideways. It would be very easy to walk away from this project but I refuse. So long as I can post I will continue to do so. Hold me to this.

Back to business. I have decided that the lightsaber is the chain saw of the galaxy far, far away. I have come to this conclusion based on the recurring theme of limb loss in Star Wars. Starting with the Cantina incident. Admittedly, Chainsaws tend to remove extremities by accident and in a very messy way, whereas your lightsaber is precise, controlled and leaves a clean wound. My preference would be to retain my bits intact. I'm sure you feel the same way.

I want to talk about loss. When my father died I lost more than someone I loved. I lost access to what he knew, I lost a direct connection to my ancestry.  Sure, I can get the genealogy worked out but that gives me a list of names of people I never met. What of their stories? The family anecdotes that endear them to me, that make me feel they are worth finding in the first place.

My wife has connected to her past through a diary written by one of her ancestors. This journal is not only important from a personal perspective, it is an historical time capsule. Important enough for copies to appear in the collections of libraries and historical organisations. Had this not been kept and cared for, the only information on record would be the date of birth, marriage and death.

Those facts are important but they don't really bring the emotional response that a shared memory can provide.

So think about those people you are connected to and their stories. Are they captured and cared for? If not, why not? There is so much technology available to us to do this now.

In case you are not convinced of the lethality of the lightsaber...

Next post working title; Who shot first?

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