Sunday, 4 September 2011

Rewards and credits

And so we come to the end of Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope. The villains are vanquished and heroes rewarded.

Time for me to thank all the makers of the videos that have been used  to illustrate this narrative.

Lesson one where are the plans for the death star?

Pic of Darth Vader- Photo credit Me, figure by Lego. (purists may note the blue blade instead of red... Sorry!)


Photo of Stormtrooper over compensating by me. ( you have to admit, that's a big gun)

How to avoid being sold to jawas

Thanks to College humour, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

I have also used the College Humour series troopers even though it bears no resemblance to Star Wars whatsoever...

From the vastness of you tube I would ask you to thank the following people for their contributions by giving them thumbs up if you enjoyed the clip or subscribing to their channels.

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Thanks for your time... I will be taking a break then looking at Empire Strikes Back.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Question? Where did Grand Moff Tarkin spend his holiday?

Answer - All over Yavin 4

Winston Churchill is attributed with saying "History is written by the victors". Perhaps if the historians took both sides point of view into account, history might not repeat itself so often.

But then is any record ever truly unbiased? Is it even possible to capture all the facets of a transaction? If we managed to, could we cope with all that information? Sometimes it's easier to remove the unsuccessful tenders and cancelled project files than to hang on to them.

For records management we are often quick to label material as redundant in an effort to maintain control over ever growing collections of material. Our ancestors were no different and thanks to the patient work of archaeologist, we have a picture of the life and times of our ancestors based on what they threw away.

What will an archaeologist look like in 300 years? Will they be a virtual archaeologist piecing together random bytes of code to produce a Wordperfect document. Will there be a need to do so?

Long term retention of digital artifacts seems to revolve around transitions to open standards or recreating original environments through virtualisation. Both have advantages and caveats.

My only concern is, can what we keep or throw away change the future?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Welcome to Yavin 4

You know, I don't recall the end coming so quickly in 1977 but we are nearly there. The climactic battle between good and evil awaits.

The rebel base has been located courtesy of a well placed tracking device and a pre-arranged escape. (So why did all those Troopers have to die?) The rebels have barely time to brief the attack force before sending them off to destroy the dreaded Death Star..

I love the fact that in the Galaxy far, far away, there are no issues with file compatibility or connection standards. You can chuck data on anything, anywhere, anytime and it just works. Bothan spies obtain the plans, they are then copied to a droid that is ejected from a spaceship, lost in the desert wastes, bushwacked by Jawas, sold to moisture farmers, captured, freed, shot at and there you go, plans that can be easily read and a analysed. 

It makes us look so primitive doesn't it? I can't even imagine such a thing being available in my lifetime.

Why is this? More importantly, why do we accept and put up with it?

Sunday, 14 August 2011


And so we find ourselves in the Millenium Falcon pursued by tie fighters and carrying a tracking device.

There where a lot of shots fired and a lot of misses. A bit like document searching really...Accuracy and speed are sought after but not always mutually exclusive. The main thing is to phrase your searches in a way that is most likely going to get relevant results.

That's all for this week.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

The Getaway - Unless you are Old Ben

This weeks exiting episode brought to you by the makers of Mandalorian Beer!

Fear not... I haven't sold out to crass commercialism. Nor have I forgotten my responsibility to discuss the works of George Lucas in relation to Knowledge Management

So lets talk about escaping. Not just Death Stars but other things, like responsibilities for example.

Star Wars is all about responsibilities, taking personal responsibility and being responsible and reliable. Darth Vader has his responsibilities to the Emperor and eventually to Luke once he works out the whole thing about fatherhood, Leia must ensure the rebellion survives at all costs. Han eventually realises the value of friendship over money. Ben has the burden of honouring the Jedi and Luke stops being a brat.

Let's not forget Chewie... I guess he has the responsibilities typical of the first mate on any ship. To keep it flying. Our robot companions have whatever responsibilities their programming tells to have.  

What about us?

We are all responsible for ensuring that knowledge is passed on to the next generation. You duck that particular responsibility at your own peril.

Sometimes responsibilities make life hard. Ben is about to demonstrate how hard.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Somebody threw away a perfectly good rebel

Ever feel down in the dumps? Literally?

I have to wonder how all that waste got there in the first place. Think about how much material could have gone into constructing the Death Star and then just consider  how much it would cost to send that material into space. How could you afford to throw all this stuff away if it can be recycled? Surely the galaxy far far away has a need to conserve materials for the war effort against the rebel scum? 

Obviously Grand Moff Tarkin is not concerned about the environment... After all, he did blow up an entire planet.

But waste is not confined to the Imperials. While most large organisations are making a conscious effort to reduce waste for both environmental and profitability motives, the message does not get through to everyone. Ever go to a meeting and get handed an agenda only to see that same agenda displayed on a projector screen throughout the meeting? What about having someone hand you an email they printed out with some comments on it? It still happens...

I'm not saying that paper no longer has a place. The current hype surrounding e-books may have you thinking that books are going the way of the scroll. We were reliably informed that offices were going paperless too... Making the best use of information regardless of the format is the goal. That means not printing material that is born digital unless you really need to and not digitising print material unless you can clearly gain something from the effort.

Fortunately the waste disposal has a door (why?) and our heroes are about to make their way out. Meanwhile Obi Wan has a business meeting with Darth Vader. 

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Norwegian tragedy
While this is a fairly light-hearted blog. we are saddened by recent events and wish those affected our sympathies. There is not much information on how we can help but the Norwegian Red Cross is a good place to start.